Monday, February 25, 2008

Potpourri for $20, Alex

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1. I love winding yarn. I'm not sure why...I just really love winding it and seeing it wound up and just looking at the beautiful little yarn cakes. Clockwise from the top: Wollmeise in Bob, Duet Sock Yarn in Skinny Duets, February club colorway, and Duet Sock Yarn in blues and purples.

2. I cast on with one of them, and will cast on with a second this week.

3. We had a great time yesterday with Bonnie (Tropical Knits) and her husband Van yesterday. There was a yarn/rum exchange. Who got the best deal there?

4. I woke up with an inflamed tendon on the outside of my left foot this morning. At the time, it felt like a knife digging into my ankle. Now it is sort of a dull pain. I have a bag of frozen corn kernels bungee-corded around the ankle to try to dull the pain a bit.

4.5 And yes, it looks ridiculous.

5. And I feel ridiculous too.

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6. My neighborhood is filled with turkeys. Yesterday morning about twenty turkeys were wandering around in front of our house.

7. Today, driving to work, another turkey (of the human kind) blithely drove through two stop signs without any indication of stopping at all. Now I understand slowing to a crawl and then accelerating, but I don't understand JUST PRETENDING THE STOP SIGN ISN"T THERE. I honked at this turkey when s/he missed the first one (which also meant s/he didn't look down the street to see me coming toward her) and s/he gave me a vague little wave. Now what does that mean? Oh hi, thanks for honking at me when I didn't stop?


Anonymous said...

We had a bag of corn in the freezer for years that was only used as a ice pack....I hope your tendon feels better soon! Love the yarn!

Carol said...

That's hilarious! Like a special Thanksgiving delivery or something ;-) Maybe the wave meant, thank you for telling me I'm stupid? I always sport a bag of peas on my boo boos, I look terrible in yellow. Hope you feel better fast.