Monday, February 04, 2008

Quest for Fire

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Remember a week or so ago, I was trying to find yarn the color of fire in my fireplace? Well, the lovely Jen is working on developing a colorway for that. I also did an etsy search and found this yarn from a group I've never heard of before: Dahara Dreaming (link may not be right, check back if it doesn't work...I'm blogging from PDX and don't have the yarn right here). It isn't quite right..but it is pretty good.
Thanks for all your nice Knittiversary wishes. I had a good day of Superbowl knitting: I worked on the socks from this yarn, plus my Snow White, plus the cable cardigan.

Oh, Snow White? I haven't told you about that yet. It's a pattern from Ysolda . I'm making in in RYC Cashsoft DK in pink. It is right now just one big ribbed tube, but hopefully it will start to loo like something soon.

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Carol said...

Your new yarn is really nice. Ya had to send me over there didn'tcha...