Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Skinny Feet 'n All

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I have skinny feet. Long skinny feet. I have skinny wrists too.

This is odd, because the rest of me is definitely Not Skinny. And when I was younger, I was always told that the measure of being 'big boned' or 'small boned' depended on your ankles and wrists. It didn't do a lot for my self esteem when my feet and wrists said 'small boned' and my hips and thighs said 'not so much'.

But I love my skinny feet when it comes to making socks. Being a loose knitter with skinny feet means that about 44 stitches of virtually any sock yarn will work for my tootsies.

This yarn is from that company I told you about, Dahara Dreaming, and I bought it at their etsy store. This was during my 'quest for fire" phase and I bought this yarn because the primary colors looked like the colors of our fire. Well, it turned out a bit more circus-stripey than flaming fireplace, but I still like them. They're bright and colorful and fun for winter. Or I should say 'it'. There's only one sock i this pair.

I cast on using doubled yarn and I cast on four extra stitches, so the top is sort of 'fluted'. And it's a 2x2 rib on the leg and on the top of the foot, which makes it look even skinnier. The sock, that is. Not sure how it looks on the foot quite yet.


Anonymous said...

Wow - 44 stitches? That IS skinny! Love the sock - very pretty colors.

Lisa Boyer said...

OMG! We're opposite twins!!'s the plan. I have really wide feet and huge ankles. We can trade mistake socks!! (Unfortunately, we couldn't trade mistake pants--we're in the same boat there.)

Carol said...

Time for a foot shot! You don't look big to me.