Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ten Things About Louise

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1. She was a Christmas present from Tim.
2. Her name was originally meant to be Scarlett O'Hare. When I met her, though, I knew her name was Louise. LIke all the other animals in our house, she had a variety of nicknames, including LouLou and LouLouBelle.
3. She was a mini-lop, and her color was called 'blue' even though it was a deep grey.
4. Her fur was very short, and therefore impossible to spin. Some rude woman once asked me how I could own a rabbit whose fur I couldn't spin. Louise was part of the family long before I was a knitter.
5. She had her moods, but not very often. She was pretty amenable to everything, except when she didn't want to be. You knew she was in a mood when she thumped. Yep, just like Thumper in Bambi.

Originally uploaded by kbshee
6. One night we forgot to close her cage, and she jumped out, came into our bedroom, and thumped. We put her to bed and closed the cage, and never made that mistake again.
7. Her favorite food was banana. Her second favorite food was raisins.
8. She had some chronic back problems, and received occasional chiropractic treatments. Yes, Louise got adjustments.
9. It was possible to hypnotize her by stroking her stomach. Not easy, but possible.
10. She was a wonderful girl, and we have a hole in our life with her gone. See you at the bridge, LouLou.


Carol said...

Louise is a beautiful girl. I feel very sad about this Kimmy. Big loving hugs to you guys.

Anonymous said...

Animals are such special friends. They are cuddley and kind but most of all they love unconditionally.

It sounds like Louise knew she was loved. Van and I are thinking of Tim, you and all the other furry members of your family.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post and a beautiful bunny.