Sunday, April 27, 2008

H is for Heavenly

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As in the new yarn from Koigu: Mori. It is 50% merino and 50% silk, and this colorway combines all my favorites. This yarn feels so wonderful, it makes me want to ball it up and start on it NOW NOW NOW.

However, I also cast on for a pair of wollmeise socks this weekend, and also have to knit another sock in the pair for Tim, so I think I have to postpone the job a bit.

Some knitting has been done, not as much as I would have thought because...

....wait for it.....

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...Spring arrived!!

It was a beautiful day yesterday...sunny, high of about 70, and so we loaded up the kayaks in the morning and went to the Fern Ridge Reservoir. This is a great kayaking place about 20 minutes from our house. It is a lake with several places for paddling, and then there is also a great creek that meanders in the woods beside the reservoir. We spent most of yesterday on the creek, and had a great time.

Friday, April 25, 2008

As modeled by My Hand and Arm

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I finally finished the first slip stitch cable sock for Tim. I don't know why it has taken me so long to do these...I love the yarn (from the Unique Sheep), I love the pattern, and it is sorta thick yarn so it goes fairly quickly. A mystery.

If you look closely you can see the 'v' pattern on the leg and foot, which is the slip stitch 'cable'. The pattern is from the Little Box of Socks which I do love.

Finally spring is here in Oregon. I think we may actually get outside this weekend. Hope you will too!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


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Many knitters have a love/hate relationship with ribbon yarn. I'm one of them. I knit a ribbon top a few years ago...and I love wearing it. It is light and sort of frothy and feels very summerish and pretty. But I remember that it was not the most fun thing to knit. That first one was Berroco Zen.

When Louisa Harding Ribbon yarn went on sale at Elann, I picked up seven balls since it was, frankly, a really good price and I was in my "oh yes, summer will someday come to Oregon and I'll wear summer tops" frame of mind. (Silly me). The pattern is from a Bamboo Tape book by Rowan and this is the back. It is a total pain to knit with, as ribbon yarn is, but I love how it looks. And once I decided that I didn't care one whit if the ribbon was straight or twisted then we got along pretty well. Seaming it should be a bit of a pain though. But that's far down the road.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

More Summer Knits

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I finished the back of this is the (I think) Amaya pattern from a Rowan Bamboo Tape book that I'm not knitting in Rowan Bamboo Tape. So the pattern is just a, well, template. Yeah, a template.

Anyway, this is Artful Yarns Fable in some cutesie name, Probably Little Red Riding Hood. It is a cotton/silk blend where some of the plies are pink and some are orange. It is great to knit with (and such a nice break from the Louisa Harding Ribbon top) but I hear now that this won't hold its shape at all. Ah well. Summer tops are always sort of ephemeral.

And just in case you were wondering what the world outside looked like this morning when we woke Up:

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Should I Hang the Christmas Wreath Back Up?

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Because look what we were greeted with this morning.

It has since melted, but it has been hailing off and on for most of the day. Crazy talk.

Luckily, I have lots of summer knitting projects to work on. Maybe I can use them in Summer, 2009.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blue, blue, my world is blue

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But in a good way.

More Wollmiese arrived from Deutschland, with this shipment including three skeins of the incredible blue colorways that Claudia dyes. She is incredible with the colors. Anyway, the new plan (not that there was an old plan, but whatever), the new plan is to make socks and then to use the leftovers for a Charlotte's Web shawl. What a great idea, huh? Thank someone on Ravelry, who mentioned it as an idea for leftover STR but doing it in Wollmiese seems to me to be a much sweeter choice.

Hope your day is blue (in a good way) too!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Garter Rib Vest...and a Plea!

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I worked by fingers off while Tim has been gone to finish this Garter Rib Vest...I plan to wear it as a top if we ever, ever get warmer weather here (see below for more information).

This was done in Cotton Fleece in the colorway 'putty', which is really a nice aran-yarn color. I love how this looks, and will probably make another one since I have a nice stash of cotton fleece and really like how it feels. I even wove in all the ends and did all the armhole and neckline shaping, and after I took this picture I blocked it. This was a pattern that I found...where....maybe in the Webs catalogue or some other catalogue and I thought it looked great. I didn't get gauge but I faked it (yes, I live for the danger of knitting!)

I feel like quite the accomplished knitter, I must tell you.

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I love these little gold buttons that I found at the Ben Frankin today...they were on sale for three for 25 cents...can you believe it? Unfortunately they only had two cards, so I bought both for a total of six buttons. The reason this is unfortunate is because I need seven buttons for the top. I've put a clunky clear-ish button at the bottom but I desperately want another of these little gold beauties. I searched high and low online but to no avail.

So, here is my Plea. Please keep an eye out for this little button. If you're out and about at your local craft store and see these buttons...they're made by JHB, and the number on the back is 90014 1/2 inch....anyway, if you find them, please buy them for me and I promise I'll reimburse you, along with an extra special gift.

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As I write this, the hail is pounding outside. I think the high today is going to be in the high 40s, and it is really quite miserable out. The amazing thing is that on Saturday is was 84 degrees, completely clear and sunny. Yesterday was in the 60s, and today in the 40s. I guess tomorrow we'll be in the 20s, and Wednesday should be a horrible day.

The gardens are very late in blooming, but I have dozens of tulips about ready to greet the world. Here are two of them.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Fine Read

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This new book is great. Great great great.

I learned about it via the amazing Julia F-C . After reading her blog one Sunday, I bought a bunch of aran yarn from the very cool store the Irish Ewe . So I left a comment that I bought the yarn. Then she emailed that I ought to get a new book that is all about aran knitting.

Hence. A Fine Fleece. I pre-ordered from Amazon and it arrived today.

The book is chock full of cable projects, and I love cables. I think I could knit every sweater in the book, and all the socks too. Each pattern is knit twice: once with commercially available yarn and once with handspun. And the commercially-available yarn isn't all Chichi Knits $50 for 100 yards yarn. There's Cascade 220. There;s other things that are probably in your stash. And speaking of that..

I immediately searched through the stash to figure out how many sweaters I can make from stash on hand (um, five. Scary). And I almost bought some undyed yarn to make a gorgeous pair of socks from the book but I paused and thought...

"didn't I win some undyed yarn from someone in some contest some years ago?"

And after a bit of thinking I remembered. I did indeed win some undyed yarn. From Julia F-C. Freakin' weird, huh?

Anyway...if you like cables, you'll love this book. It makes me want to start spinning again (yes, I haven't spun for months, but may have to start again. Will. Will start again).

Lots o' good knitting this weekend. Pics soon.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Things that Make Me Happy

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1. Woolmeise's Arrival! When I had insomnia in California, I logged on to the Woolmeise site at some ungodly hour and arrived just in time for a site update. I scored (from the right), Rosenrot, Sultan, Birkenride, Campari Orange, and Wilder Mohn. I can't tell you how much I love this yarn.

1a. The USPS. I was coming home from work yesterday and passed the USPS truck about half a block from my house (the USPS man had already delivered the mail at my house). When I went to the mailbox, I saw the pink 'go to the po' slip and new my wollmeise was at least in the vicinity. The next thing I knew....the USPS man had turned around and came back to my house to drop off the Wollmeise!! Such a nice thing to do!!! I wrote a nice email to the Postmaster about him.

2. Feeling, for a brief second, like part of the 'in' crowd. One of my younger colleagues has added me to her email list where she sends out invitations to cutting edge, trendy, and interesting-sounding events for the under, um, 35 crowd let's say. I'm sure she'll take me off when she finds out the last concert I went to was Midnight Oil ("How do you sleep while our beds are burning?") at some club in Chicago on my 30th birthday. But I'll bask for a bit.

3. Taxes. That is, taxes being done.

3a. Our financial guy. Who comes up with the elegant solution when we run into a little glitch.

4. Economic stimulus. We'll be getting $1, 198. Keep your stinkin' $2, George.

5. Spring. Officially here now that the Christmas wreath is down.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Now I know what "heavy blocking' means

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Here is my 'finished' stripes go round (changed greatly from the original pattern in IK, owing to my use of a yarn with a way different gauge). It looks just bizarre right it is a midriff top for a giraffe with big shoulders but actually on it looks pretty god.

Trust me.

This is Rowan's All Seasons Cotton in two colors.

I've mostly been working on this during the week just to get it all finished off. :-) And now it is. I still have the garter rib top and a pair of socks in the works, and I'll probably cast on for something else this weekend. Tim is off to St. Louis, so I'll have a lot of knitting time.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Another Round of Good News for Cody!

Tim just called from Corvallis, where Cody was getting his three month check up (lung xray, ultrasound, and exam of cancer worry spots). There is still no evidence that the cancer is recurring! I was thinking that this visit would be the one where we'd get the bad news, but he has another great report and will visit Corvallis again in three months for another check.

Yay Cody!!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ahhhhhh.......knitting time

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After what ended up being a pretty frantic week...and one that will represent probably the next nine was lovely to have some time this weekend just to knit. Tim was at a conference in town, and the weather was pretty crummy, so I holed up in our little room with the gas fireplace on and knit away. The three wips, which had all seemed sort of at the 'starting gate' stage, are now moving forward quite nicely, if I do say so myself.

This is the back of the garter rib vest, which will end up being a summer top for me. Garter rib (k on right side, k3 p2 on wrong side) is an interesting pattern...not quite mindless knitting because I can't read and knit this pattern simultaneously, but easy enough when Im watching TV. This looks like it will be a winner.

More updates this week!

Friday, April 04, 2008

G is for Gladiolus

bob socks
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These are my first finished Wollmeise the colorway Bob, in beautiful spring orange, green and yellow. This colorway is so far out of my comfort zone that I still can't believe I bought it, but when you need wollmeise, you need wollmeise. I love this yarn, and I actually love these socks, they are very bright and happy for spring, and to tell the truth, I think I have enough red and blue socks to last me quite a while.

This was the first week of spring term. Spring term is always out of control, mostly due to people trying to finish up a lot of stuff before the summer break. I have had literally every minute filled with school stuff this week...and it doesn't look like it will slow down. Thank goodness it is only ten weeks long!