Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Fine Read

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This new book is great. Great great great.

I learned about it via the amazing Julia F-C . After reading her blog one Sunday, I bought a bunch of aran yarn from the very cool store the Irish Ewe . So I left a comment that I bought the yarn. Then she emailed that I ought to get a new book that is all about aran knitting.

Hence. A Fine Fleece. I pre-ordered from Amazon and it arrived today.

The book is chock full of cable projects, and I love cables. I think I could knit every sweater in the book, and all the socks too. Each pattern is knit twice: once with commercially available yarn and once with handspun. And the commercially-available yarn isn't all Chichi Knits $50 for 100 yards yarn. There's Cascade 220. There;s other things that are probably in your stash. And speaking of that..

I immediately searched through the stash to figure out how many sweaters I can make from stash on hand (um, five. Scary). And I almost bought some undyed yarn to make a gorgeous pair of socks from the book but I paused and thought...

"didn't I win some undyed yarn from someone in some contest some years ago?"

And after a bit of thinking I remembered. I did indeed win some undyed yarn. From Julia F-C. Freakin' weird, huh?

Anyway...if you like cables, you'll love this book. It makes me want to start spinning again (yes, I haven't spun for months, but may have to start again. Will. Will start again).

Lots o' good knitting this weekend. Pics soon.

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