Monday, April 14, 2008

Garter Rib Vest...and a Plea!

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I worked by fingers off while Tim has been gone to finish this Garter Rib Vest...I plan to wear it as a top if we ever, ever get warmer weather here (see below for more information).

This was done in Cotton Fleece in the colorway 'putty', which is really a nice aran-yarn color. I love how this looks, and will probably make another one since I have a nice stash of cotton fleece and really like how it feels. I even wove in all the ends and did all the armhole and neckline shaping, and after I took this picture I blocked it. This was a pattern that I found...where....maybe in the Webs catalogue or some other catalogue and I thought it looked great. I didn't get gauge but I faked it (yes, I live for the danger of knitting!)

I feel like quite the accomplished knitter, I must tell you.

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I love these little gold buttons that I found at the Ben Frankin today...they were on sale for three for 25 cents...can you believe it? Unfortunately they only had two cards, so I bought both for a total of six buttons. The reason this is unfortunate is because I need seven buttons for the top. I've put a clunky clear-ish button at the bottom but I desperately want another of these little gold beauties. I searched high and low online but to no avail.

So, here is my Plea. Please keep an eye out for this little button. If you're out and about at your local craft store and see these buttons...they're made by JHB, and the number on the back is 90014 1/2 inch....anyway, if you find them, please buy them for me and I promise I'll reimburse you, along with an extra special gift.

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As I write this, the hail is pounding outside. I think the high today is going to be in the high 40s, and it is really quite miserable out. The amazing thing is that on Saturday is was 84 degrees, completely clear and sunny. Yesterday was in the 60s, and today in the 40s. I guess tomorrow we'll be in the 20s, and Wednesday should be a horrible day.

The gardens are very late in blooming, but I have dozens of tulips about ready to greet the world. Here are two of them.


Marcy said...

Yeah, I've lived here for about 3 years, and I STILL can't get used to the weather.

It was lovely on Saturday, though.

I've been lurking at your blog for a while. Love your knitting.

Anonymous said...

Where DO you find the time?
You are amazingly prolific.....envy...I love your new warm weather sweater..and I was beginning to think, this weekend that we were going to be blessed with more...but's back to the gray!
It's coming though....isn't it?

Beverly said...

The weather has been strange all over but that has meant more knitting time.

It's great to see springtime arriving in the midst of it all.

Carol said...

Wow it's great! Nice color choice too! We got a little cooling down too, love it :) The eyes are peeled for buttons...