Wednesday, April 23, 2008


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Many knitters have a love/hate relationship with ribbon yarn. I'm one of them. I knit a ribbon top a few years ago...and I love wearing it. It is light and sort of frothy and feels very summerish and pretty. But I remember that it was not the most fun thing to knit. That first one was Berroco Zen.

When Louisa Harding Ribbon yarn went on sale at Elann, I picked up seven balls since it was, frankly, a really good price and I was in my "oh yes, summer will someday come to Oregon and I'll wear summer tops" frame of mind. (Silly me). The pattern is from a Bamboo Tape book by Rowan and this is the back. It is a total pain to knit with, as ribbon yarn is, but I love how it looks. And once I decided that I didn't care one whit if the ribbon was straight or twisted then we got along pretty well. Seaming it should be a bit of a pain though. But that's far down the road.


Ling said...

I hear you about ribbon yarn. I have a love/hate relationship too.

can't wait to see your finished article.

Anonymous said...

Uuuuuh Pretty!
Sounds like the end justifies the means with ribbon yarn!
Haven't tried it yet myself.