Saturday, April 19, 2008

Should I Hang the Christmas Wreath Back Up?

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Because look what we were greeted with this morning.

It has since melted, but it has been hailing off and on for most of the day. Crazy talk.

Luckily, I have lots of summer knitting projects to work on. Maybe I can use them in Summer, 2009.



Annie said...

Hi Kim! I feel bad for you with all that snow. Maybe you could send some of it to me? That blue Wollmiese is beautiful.

rosy said...

yay!! i love snow!!
we had a freak snow fall 2 weeks ago and the pies went out and had fun in the garden - didn't last long though (your tulips are very pretty by the way!)
glad you are liking 'sovereign' - it's a good yarn and i love the details about the impact the progress had on the people of york - stuff like that is never usually touched on!- i have never been to york and am hoping for a long weekend there later in the year - the book has inspired me!!
best wishes
rosy in england

Carol said...

By all means, put it up! One less thing to do during the holidays!

rosy said...

Ha ha!!
Did you enjoy York?
I have to tell you: I have at least made an attempt! On our way back from visiting Stella at Uni in Scotland one year, my husband and I decided we would visit York and stay a couple of nights. Unfortunately for us, this was the Autumn of 2000 and, following dreadful floods, York was 'closed'!!! In fact everywhere we tried to visit in Yorkshire was closed so we just came home instead!!
Well done you for actually getting there! Guess 'Sovereign' will make more sense to you than to me!! (lol)
Best Wishes
Rosy in England