Saturday, April 12, 2008

Things that Make Me Happy

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1. Woolmeise's Arrival! When I had insomnia in California, I logged on to the Woolmeise site at some ungodly hour and arrived just in time for a site update. I scored (from the right), Rosenrot, Sultan, Birkenride, Campari Orange, and Wilder Mohn. I can't tell you how much I love this yarn.

1a. The USPS. I was coming home from work yesterday and passed the USPS truck about half a block from my house (the USPS man had already delivered the mail at my house). When I went to the mailbox, I saw the pink 'go to the po' slip and new my wollmeise was at least in the vicinity. The next thing I knew....the USPS man had turned around and came back to my house to drop off the Wollmeise!! Such a nice thing to do!!! I wrote a nice email to the Postmaster about him.

2. Feeling, for a brief second, like part of the 'in' crowd. One of my younger colleagues has added me to her email list where she sends out invitations to cutting edge, trendy, and interesting-sounding events for the under, um, 35 crowd let's say. I'm sure she'll take me off when she finds out the last concert I went to was Midnight Oil ("How do you sleep while our beds are burning?") at some club in Chicago on my 30th birthday. But I'll bask for a bit.

3. Taxes. That is, taxes being done.

3a. Our financial guy. Who comes up with the elegant solution when we run into a little glitch.

4. Economic stimulus. We'll be getting $1, 198. Keep your stinkin' $2, George.

5. Spring. Officially here now that the Christmas wreath is down.


Carol said...

Wowza! The yarn is great! You have found the fountain of youth, Ican only tell by what you told ;-)
I'd be happy if my mailman delievered OUR mail to US once in while. Forget that our name and address are printed clearly on our mailbox. grrrr

rosy said...

Hi Kim
. . . catching up!!
I was so sorry to read about Louise passing . . but glad things are going well for Cody . . . Tully sends a big 'miououou' . . . what a lovely phrase: 'see you at the bridge' is - I have not heard that one before.
I love the Tudors too - have you read 'Sovereign' by S J Sansom? It is a detective tale set in 154?3?, Henry VIII makes a brief appearance but it's a great description of life the city of York in Tudor times. I have not seen the new 'Elizabeth' but have the first one on dvd too.
Best wishes
Back again soon
Rosy in England