Sunday, May 04, 2008

Do not adjust your monitor!

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Here is the ribbon top I've been working has sort of an asian inspired neckline which requires a separate top piece. I like how it looks...the effect of the ribbon yarn is very blurry, which is kind of fun, and I think it will also look good on.

That said, anyone have any hints for seaming this pup? I need to seam the shoulders, then knit the neckline and then attach ribbon to hold the little part on to the big part, then sew the seams. The other ribbon top I made required only shoulder seams. I don't know whether to use the ribbon yarn I have or just find some thin white yarn. Thoughts?

And while the original pattern had sleeves, I'm skipping because 1. they'd be a pain to set in and 2. I like sleeveless tops and 3. oh yeah, I didn't buy enough ribbon yarn for two sleeves. And I bought it from, and they're out of it now. C'est la vie.

I have been jonesing to do some fair isle...why? why? I have no idea. But I have. And I"m scared to death to steek....please don't tell me it isn't a big deal, it is CUTTING into your GARMENT that you KNIT with your HANDS. Anyway. So I started on a pair of fair isle mittens. We'll see how that goes. Stay tuned.


Carol said...

It looks great! I have no real experience in the seaming sept though. I'm knitting something in the round right now. Let's not even discuss steeks mk?

Alyssa said...