Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday already?

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Where, oh where, has this week gone?

Anyway, it's Friday. A week ago it was almost 100 degrees out. Today we'll be lucky if it breaks 60. And it is damp and cool (duh). So I've finished most of my work and will start taking some deep breaths soon.

I've had a little Christmas brainstorm. I've stopped knitting gifts for family for Christmas because only one family member appreciates it (Hi Candace!). But I've been thinking that I'll knit string bags this year. I've got the yarn in stash, i've got a bunch of string bag patterns, and it is a good gift (environmentally friendly, easy to ship, and who could really dislike a string bag?). (I'm sure Candace can name a few people but we'll leave it at that).

Here's a wollmeise sock that I've been working on for a while. More on the wonder that is wollmeise soon.

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Marcy said...

Yes, this weather is crazy!

I hear you about not knitting for family. They just do not appreciate it at all. I actually get the most appreciation from cats, when I knit them cat toys. :-)