Friday, May 02, 2008

Signs of Spring

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The temps in Eugene are about 10 degrees below normal this spring, and now that May is here...

Hey Hey The First of May!
Outdoor kissing starts today!

So I'm a bit late. Sorry... that May is here, it seems we might still have a bit of time left for spring.

I finished (almost) this top made out of Artful Yarns Fable...yet another in the long list of Yarns I Love but Are Now Discontinued. If you look closely, there's a little twist at the top of neckline which is very cute. I'll post another picture when I get it all seamed up.

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Thank you for all your kind birthday wishes. Tim and I both played hooky on the day and we went over to the coast (Florence) with the dogs. We walked around and looked in the shops, had a delicious lunch, and then took a walk on the beach with the dogs. Cody had a terrific time playing fetch (as he always does) and Juneau gamely put her paws in the water and wondered what the fuss was. She is such a good sport, though, and we think we can get her to be a good beach dog, if not a fetcher.

I heard from friends and family, including these beautiful flowers from my Aunt Mary Jane. One of the best signs of spring on my birthday!

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