Monday, May 12, 2008

Slowly but Surely

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I'm on row what, 19, of the fair isle mitten...just about at the place where I can slip the thumb stitches on a holder for a while. The good news is that I think it looks ok...and also that I enjoy doing fair isle. The bad news is that I have no idea if it will actually 'work' or not (ie am I carrying the yarn loosely enough or will I have a wee straightjacket on my hand.

The other good news is that I'm definitely getting fair isle out of my system, and I have no desire to do an entire sweater or something that requires steeks. I may do an EZ fair isle just because it seems within my realm of skills seams! But we'll see. Lots of fair isle rows left on this project.


Ina said...

Great going!

Carol said...

Wow! That's reallynice Kim! A perfect project to learn a great tecnique! Wee straightjacket ~snort~

Anonymous said...

Dang....I missed your Birthday!
Happy Birthday Dear Kim...I hope that this is an Awesome year for you!
Looks like it's already off to a fantastic start!
Love the fair isle...the colors are lovely!

Ling said...

The mitten looks great! I'm not brve enough to tackle fair isle just yet!!

PS - Happy belated birthday! Hope you have a good year.

Anonymous said...

Oops....I have memed you - see my blog for details!