Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tale of the Tank

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I've been working on this side-to-side tank for the past week, and for some reason am enchanted by it. Why?

1. The pattern is by Amie who, as I mentioned earlier, is an occasional reader of this blog and a big animal lover like meself.
2. The yarn is so fun..TyDy by Knit 1 Crochet 2. I don't think I've ever used any yarn by this company, and it is really nice yarn.
3. There's no tellin' what those crazy stripes will do! I love watching what happens as I knit.
4. It is mindless knitting with just a bit of attention-paying. Great for reading and/or TV watching. However, please note that Amie's 'real' pattern, in Clara Parke's "Knitter's Book of Yarn", is a bit more involved as it uses different colored yarns and a nice stripe pattern that would require counting of rows and changing of colors. But it is still fun.
5. I'm so used to 'traditional' knitting that every once in a while I look at the knitting and am completely confused as to what I am making. Delightful!! Really!
6. And while in most cases I would never wear this many colors all at one time, it is gonna be a hot summer so why not?

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Carol said...

I think you'll look great in this! Looks like a really fun knit!