Monday, June 16, 2008

Any spare good thoughts?

If you have a few, please send them out to Cody. Tim took him up to Corvallis for an 'early' examination (he goes up every 3 months to track how the cancer is progressing). Cody felt pretty up and down all weekend, and the Vet Hospital is squeezing him in today to try to figure out just what is going on with the little guy (he can eat, but it all comes out the other end pretty quickly).

Thanks again.

Update: he's doing better. Apparently, the weekend illness was unrelated to the pancreatitis, and neither seem to be related to the caner. He's got a mess of drugs to take, and he's started eating again, and we all slept through the night last night for the first time in a week. Hopefully he is on the mend (again!)>

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Beverly said...

Here's a some good thoughts for Cody. Hope it's nothing serious.