Saturday, June 21, 2008

BSG Part 2

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Continuing with my wooly adventures at the BSG....

But first: we've been watching the John Adams miniseries that was on HBO and now is on DVD from Netflix (and obviously from other places). Two comments. First, where was I when they taught all about the American Revolution? This is all news to me. And I used to live in Boston and walked the Freedom Trail every day to work for several years. Honestly, I think poor John A. got sloppy seconds after Paul Revere. Second, I keep waiting for Abigail Adams to spin. Where does that family get all those great clothes? Spin, Abby, Spin!

But I digress.

First up is yarn that is not in the blue family! This is 450 yards of a beautiful pink mohair laceweight yarn. I think this will end up being a smoke ring or a mobeius cowl or something like that. the color is such a clear, true pink that I was just drawn to it. The price was right too...less than $15 for 450 yards.

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And my last two purchases are from A Verb for Keeping Warm. I was excited to see this vendor in person and I have to say, I was a wee bit disappointed to begin. The yarn itself is a bit pricey (much of what she uses has silk in it) and the colors, being organic, are not as saturated as I tend to learn to these days. But the hand on this yarn is really is so soft and will feel great to knit up. This colorway is called Indigo Sky andyes, it looks much like the cobalt I bought from Chameleon Colorworks. But I want to make textured socks and so this will be good for those.

I know, I say that every year...I want to make more textured socks. But I also need a mindless book-reading knitting project, and socks do such a good job for that category. I also have a mindless sweater on the using bulky yarn from Artful hopefully I'll be able to focus more on textured socks soon.

But again, I digress

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And finally....I lied yesterday when I said that I didn't get any roving. I got some roving. This was also dyed by A Verb for Keeping Warm and is blue and white...perfect for spinning a very spin sock yarn and then navajo plying.

So all in all, a good trip to BSG. Tim and I may drop by to see the animals and make sure there isn't anything left that I wish to purchase, but honestly I think I'm good. The overwhelming amounts of sock yarn was just not inspiring to me and my too big sock yarn stash (I think its time to start making more gloves!).


Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of A verb... fiber - yeah, it's on the high side. I think you'll like spinning w. them and come back for more! Take a peek at her site too, nice variety of fibers and yarn. Terry

Leah said...

You really are a big fan of blue...nice pink yarn to complement the blue :)

I have heard that it is not comfortable to wear socks that are navajo plied because you can feel where the join in each chain of the ply is. I don't know if that is true or not. I think that fiber would be beautiful navajo plied.