Friday, June 20, 2008

BSG pt. 1

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I bopped over to the Black Sheep Gathering this morning to do a little bit of shopping. For those of you who haven't heard of it, BSG is one of the larger West Coast fiber festivals, attracting folks who raise sheep and goats as well as those who process the wool. Lots of independent people, a few shops thrown in, and all told a lot of lovely stuff. There's also a lot of sheepies to ooh and ah over, as well as an adjacent alpaca show.

In the past, I've come home arms laden with goodies. Today, though, just one string bag full. I didn't buy roving, though I was tempted. I have plenty to spin and just couldn't rationalize that purchase.

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Additionally, most of the yarn there was sock yarn, and while I love me the sock yarn, I have plenty (and now as you'll see, I have plenty plus). I probably have variegated yarn in every color combination you can imagine, and while I saw some I liked a lot (Fly Designs, specifically) I just couldn't see buying some more yarn just because I liked the colors a lot.

What is WITH me?

Anyway, first up: two yarns from Chameleon Colorworks. The top one is a bamboo blend in the Cobalt colorway, and the bottom on is Twinkle Toes (50/50 merino tencel) in the Glacial Moraine colorway. This second skein is the yarn that is featured in the new book The Eclectic Soul for the Rivendell sock, which I'm going to make. It was the only skein that she had, so I snatched it up. I'm very excited about that!

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In the past I've blown almost my whole budget with a stop at the Blue Moon Fiber Arts booth, but since I have a lot of this yarn in my stash, I was pretty sure that I wouldn't need to stock up this year. I had read on Ravelry, though, that the BMFA ladies bring down some mill ends to sell, and these often sell out pretty quickly in the show. How had I missed this opportunity in the past? I checked out their booth pretty much as soon as I arrived, and saw the magic Mill End stand. Score! Unfortunately, though, most of the yarn was really really bright (neon seemed to be a theme at the BSG this year). After doing some pawing through the racks, though, I did find two skeins that I bought (mill end price=$14 for mediumweight. Yep, that is a score).>SPOILER ALERT!!


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The first skein I bought is dark blues, lights blues, and very light blues...very me, and very lovely. The second skein, for Leah, is a purple mediumweight that is very, very, very subtley variegated (and maybe it wasn't s'posed to be, hence it is a mill end). It is a bit more purply than it is showing up on my screen...I think I would call it a deep lavender, if such a thing is possible.

So that's part one. A few more goodies to show youtomorrow.


Carol said...

She scores! I feel exactly like your post "Off Kilter". You have a lot going on. I haven't been reading~I'm sorry to hear Cody is feeling blah. How is he?

Leah said...

I couldn't help myself. If you can believe it, I don't have any STR. I love that color too, but it is always more interesting to see the colors in person. I can see we could be having a trade war here, LOL.

I wish I could have been there and met Nancy in person.