Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fraternal Twins

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First of all, let me say that I love being on summer break. Last summer I taught summer session, and then Cody was sick, so the summer sort of zipped on past. The summer before....I can't really even recall that. So having this block of time to just THINK (and read and knit) is such a blessing. I've felt a huge surge of energy and a lot of contentment, which is a nice combination.

I finished these socks in the Noro Sock Yarn...yes they went fast! I guess I could have made them as a matched pair but that didn't seem to be in the cards. I like how they look though...they are certainly matched enough for me.

I spent much of this morning digging into the yarn/guest room, and did a good job of getting a lot of stuff thrown out and a lot of yarn organized. I'm pretty pleased with myself. I've also written two pieces for my professional project, the site which is an advertising and marketing site for small business.

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I've got several academic projects to work on this summer: two papers that have been in limbo for a while and will be done, and a new project on storytelling that I've got some grant money for (yay!). I also need to take a breather and reflect on where I'm going with the academic career. Even though I love the time off, the time on can be very frustrating and non-fulfilling. Hopefully having some space will help me straighten my muddled head out.

And finally...look what I won! During BSG weekend, the local alpaca ranches sponsor an alpaca show. We always visit it since I love the alpaca (and am formulating an evil plan to get my own...more on that later). There is generally a raffle, which I generally enter, and generally lose. Well, not this year! I won 875 yards of Suri Alpaca laceweight and a pattern. The laceweight is, not surprisingly, incredibly soft, and is plenty for a lovely scarf or maybe even a shawl...maybe with beads? Love me the beads.


rosy said...

Hi Kim . . . just catching upon your blog . . . been real busy lately . . . .
Hope Cody is still improving and back to full health now.
I just LOVE your socks - how many pairs do you have?? - the latest ones are fabulous, I love the mix of colours, they look so warm and cosy and just right for a leaf-turning autumn day
Best wishes, be back soon

Beverly said...

Glad you're enjoying your summer break and I hope it continues to be a good one. Your Noro socks are lovely. The colorway is beautiful.