Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just a bunch of random stuff

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1. Sleep. Sleep is such a good thing. Cody is feeling much better and we've been able to get two good nights' sleep in a row. Yesterday wasn't enough to catch up, but this morning I felt like a brand new person. I apologize to any blog readers that I have left, because my blog posts have been pretty dull and brief. Now that I have some sleep, though, I should be back to my more entertaining self (imho).

2. Cody is a champ. He is bouncing back to his pre-sick days and though he lost about 10% of his weight, he is getting his energy back and I'm sure we can get those pounds back on him fast. He has what sound like miracle drug dissolves into a gel that coats any lesions on his intestines. The drugs are definitely working.

3. Do you like the sock? It is Noro sock yarn in one of the new colors that came out in the last few weeks. I'm usually not too big on Noro colors, but this, this I like. The second sock won't match by any stretch of the imagination, but that's OK too. The yarn feels pretty Noro-like...not quite consistent and a bit on the stiff side, but it still feels good. And so far none of those pesky Noro knots, nor none of that pesky Noro VM that occasionally appears.

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4. Tuesday (yesterday) was our anniversary...lucky 13! It was especially lucky because, of course, Cody was feeling better (hey, didya hear? Cody's feeling better.) Anyway, part of my gift was this gorgeous silk/wool lace yarn from Curious Creek fibers. The other part was the book Victorian Lace Today. I think I'm going to use the yarn to make Seascape from the new Knitty. It should be gorgeous! Thanks sweetie (and thanks to my SIL Candace, who works at a yarn shop in NoCal, where Tim was this past weekend for nephew Stephen's graduation.)

5. Tim's gift from me was a step ladder that turns into a hand truck. Aren't I the romantic? We saw this on the Celebrity Apprentice last winter and I knew I had to get Tim is perfect for toting his booth to craft fairs and setting it up. He is going to be at Eugene's Art and the Vineyard from July 4-6 at Alton Baker Park. We're hoping it is a very, very successful show for him. If you're in Eugene...or if you're visiting Eugene that weekend, stop by the booth and say hi!

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6. I did a swap on Ravelry and my swappee, Leah, not only sent the yarn for the swap but also some handspun Sock Hop! And...she designs patterns and sent me one! Pretty awesome. I'm going to get her a little surprise at the Black Sheep Gathering this weekend because she is not getting her fair share in the swap.

7. And. Black Sheep Gathering is this weekend. I don't need anything...on my list, though, is to check out yarn from A Verb for Keeping Yarn, Mother McKenzie Miracle Dyes, and a woolee winder (just looking!). I'm excited but not too. Which is good.


Leah said...

A SIL that works at a LYS??? You really are a lucky lady...and a significant other that is smart enough to use the SIL's expertise in choosing gifts. Smart man! Happy anniversary,

martha said...

Like that Noro sock- lets see a photo when you get the second done!

I'm so envious, I'm an ex-Eugenean, and had plans for BSG again this year. But, medical issues prevent it; make SURE you visit Verb- you will go crazy for her yarns(I love her fiber, too) and, the people who Kristine is sharing the space with, Tactile Fiber Arts, have some damn fine yarn too.

Rachel said...

Looks like you had a great time at the fiber festival! And the Noro sock looks certainly knitted that up in a hurry!

I was so glad to read that Cody is feeling better!