Friday, June 13, 2008

Off Kilter

I'm feeling a little off kilter right now..for a couple of reasons. The craziness of finishing the term, the happiness and associated sadness of graduation, Cody not feeling too well, and Tim out of town (happy graduation to our nephew Stephen!). The dogs are tired of me hopping in and out, and they both want Tim to come home soon. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of our dog Shasta's death, and that makes me sad too. All these endings (and associated beginnings) all at once. It is just a lot to handle sometimes.

On the knitting front, you've probably noticed I haven't been working on the cable sweater (too hot) or the fair isle mittens (too complex). I am working on bag number 2 for the Summer of String Bag, made out of a hemp/cotton blend that has been in the stash for a year or so. I've also started a pair of sox with Noro sock yarn in pinks and is beautiful!

Tomorrow graduation and then Tim comes home Sunday. Then Summer starts!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have so much going on that rums the gamut of emotions. It would be miracle if you didn't all the craziness weighing on you.

I am sending good thoughts your way. Hugs to Cody.