Saturday, June 07, 2008


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File this in the 'not so mindless' knitting category. Although I can work on this during television, since there are only a couple of types of cables in the pattern.

This is the Portland sweater from one of my favorite knitting books, A Fine Fleece. My goal *might* be to make every single pattern in this book, and I probably have enough yarn in the stash to do it by now. But anyway, all the patterns are lovely and I'm having a good time knitting this one.

I'm knitting this in Rowan Felted Tweed in the 'treacle' colorway...and brownish color with flecks of blues and yellow and reds in it. It is a nice neutral and lightweight enough for a sweater for the PacNW.

This is the back...I'm a bit more than half way through the back, then the front is exactly the same, then come two sleeves with a saddle as most of the sweaters in this book have a saddle shoulder, which I'm looking forward to knitting as I think I can finish that type of shoulder fairly well.

It is still cold here, although promises of summer are in the horizon.WE had the gas stove on last night, and the heater on again this morning for a bit. I don't think i've had a chance to wear any of the summer tops I knit yet, and here I am starting on the fall knitting!

Classes are done (insert happy dance) and now comes a week of whining about grades (students whining about how bad they are, me whining about having to do them). Good times.


Alyssa said...

Lovely cables!

Yeah, what is up with the temp? We have all these cute little summer clothes for Cori and she's going to outgrow them before it get above 65 degrees!

Anonymous said...

I CANNOT believe students regularly whine about grades. during my studies I only whine once because my evil French-Canadian lab TA fore astronomy was the worst teacher ever!

If you had problems with an equation he would say "figure it out." No help, no guidance just that snooty faux-French attitude. Arrgghhh!!!!

Carol said...

Oh that's a nice one! It's hard to believe anyone needs heat. We've been sweating for weeks already!