Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer of String Bags pt. 2

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I whipped up this little string bag over the weekend...pretty much my own design. The yarn is a hemp/cotton blend that I bought at the Saturday Market last year...not a great yarn since it is weak in places and falls apart. So this one won't be a gift bag, since I'm not sure how well it will actually end up holding stuff.

I pretty much made up this pattern...I knit a square, then picked up stitches along side the sides of the square. Then I knit one row of k1 yo to double the number of stitches. Then: k2, yo all around, so I knit a knit stitch with a yarn over on all the rows. I knit it till it was about 13 or 14 inches high. Then I did a basic bind off but i knit two together for the top. I didn't bind off the last five stitches....I used the five stitches to start an icord handle. I knit that for about 15 inches, and then kept those stitches on one needle while with another needle, I picked up five stitches on bag (opposite from the start of the icord) and then did a three needle bind off with the handle and the picked up stitches.

So that's the bag! I'm sure there's a lot of more things one could do with this basic pattern.

Cody is doing OK....he's not feeling 100% but I'm taking care of him the best I can. Tim gets home tonight and we'll talk to our vet tomorrow, and hopefully we'll get him feeling a bit better soon.


Ling said...

Great bag pattern. I love the colours. They are so much better than plastic bags!
Hope Cody is better soon.

Anonymous said...

Great bag! I hope Cody gets better soon...