Saturday, June 28, 2008

What to do when it is 90 degrees outside

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Why, knit a wool sweater, of course!

I needed a mindless knit-while-reading pattern, and so found a cardigan pattern in one of the Yarn Girls books that seemed to fit the bill. The yarn I bought at a destash at is Artful Yarns Vaudeville, a wool tape yarn that has a nice bit of stretchiness in it. Yes, it looks purple in the picture but it is actually purple, light blue and gold, which gives it a nice texture.

I've been a destashing Queen lately. My goal for the summer is to try to make all yarn purchases with my paypal balance. Thus, I need a paypal balance. Yesterday morning I blew a bunch of the balance with an order of Wollmeise, and so this morning went through the stash once more to see what I could live wtihout. I posted a bunch on Ravelry this morning, and a lot of it flew out the door within an hour of posting. So I feel quite Trump like, if I must say.

Oh and this yarn? I forgot to tell you. Someone was destashing on Ravelry for....ready....$1 a ball. Seriously. I couldn't say no, could you?

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Carol said...

I so love that color! Heat never stopped me from knitting a wool garment. If it did, I'd have 2 weeks a year to knit.