Sunday, July 20, 2008

Handspun, anyone?

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A summary of my fibery Saturday:

1. I bought some hand painted roving in bright bright colors on etsy and spun up half of it yesterday. This is the result. It is reds, purples, yellows and oranges, and I navajo plied it and did a pretty good job. I'm hoping that between this and my dark purple handspun I have enough for a pair of mittens, and I think I will.

2. I did some dyeing yesterday too...I tried two skeins in a pot with madder. One thing about natural dyeing (well, two things)...everyone has different directions about how to use natural dyes, and every natural dyestuff has different 'rules'. One of the madder rules is that you shouldn't boil it (and while there are a dozen different ways to dye with madder, everyone agrees on this rule). So I did an overnight soak with two skeins. One is a coral orange, and it is drying outside now. I put the other skein back in the pot with some washing soda (here's the chemistry stuff) which brings out the pink in the madder. So that's soaking now and should be an pinky-orangey-red. Pictures tomorrow.

3. I mordanted the Knit Picks sock blanks, and they started to unravel. Sight. Knit picks, I want to love you but I can't. I'll buy blanks from various other online vendors in the future.

4. I have left the sleeve Vortex on the Portland sweater! Yay!

5. Various other knitting bits and pieces to show you in the days to come.

6. Off to kayak now.

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