Saturday, July 05, 2008

Images of the 4th

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It was an odd July 4th this year...Tim has a booth at the Art and the Vineyard festival so I was on my own for a lot of the day. It is the first holiday in many years that we haven't spent time together. Usually we don't go overboard on holidays, but at least we try to do something special together.

But I persevered. I knit so much that my wrists are a bit sore today...I knit a bit on four of the five projects that I have going on right now. I spent most of the time on the sleeves for my Portland sweater...sleeves, ugh. I'm a little over halfway done with them so there is a light at the end of that tunnel.

When Tim was getting ready to leave yesterday morning, we notices that a spider had spun a web in his car (he has a convertible miata. We tried a few times to get a picture and then Tim had the great idea of sprinkling some water on it...not sure if spidey thought it was that great of an idea but whatever.

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I spent a few hours at Art and the Vineyard and let Tim walk around a bit. This is a festival that has about 100 artists, a bunch of food vendors, a music stage, wine sellers, a garden art section, community booths (Oregon Writers, the Raptor rescue people) and a kid's section. There were a lot of lookers yesterday but apparently not a lot of buyers. The Olympic trials brought a lot of new faces that will hopefully come back and buy some art!

Sometimes A&TV can be horribly hot, but yesterday the sun and clouds alternated throughout most of the day and today is supposed to be cloudy all day. It makes it much more bearable, especially for the artists. Tim reported that he saw several friends and neighbors...if you are in Eugene, and have nothing to do either today or tomorrow, stop by and say hey!

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As I drove home and passed the park by our house, I noticed that some of our neighborhood llamas were out for their annual amble. We live in a community called the Laurel Hill Valley where typical 'West Coast' plots (ie not a whole lot of land) coexist side by side with very large lots left over from when the original farms were split up. And parts of the neighborhood are zoned for livestock...we have a few neighbors with horses, goats, chickens and at least two llama farms. We occasionally take the dogs for a walk to see the llamas, but it is much more fun to have them visiting the park. This one is a male about 7 years old named King, and it was his first time walking on his halter. He wasn't too crazy about it, but he was very patient.

So that made it sort of a magical Fourth. Hope yours was too.

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Leah said...

King looks very interested in what's going on. How cool is that! Sounds like you had an interesting weekend.