Monday, July 07, 2008

More Rivendell

Originally uploaded by kbshee
I turned the heel on my first Rivendell, and so far so good! There are three of these motifs on the sock, cleverly places so there is one on either side of the leg, sort of toward the front, and one in the back. The ribbing is a ktbl p2 ribbing (so does that really even qualify as ribbing? Not sure) which should be mindless knitting but for some reason it isn't for me. Ah well. It's the tbl thing that is throwing me off.

I continue enjoying the knitting of these socks (how awkward is that sentence?).


Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous socks!

Anonymous said...

Not nearly as awkward as the moment when you catch me burglarizing your home for these gorgeous socks.

I assume you'll be done by September, yes? Where do you plan to store them? Perhaps you would be kind enough to provide a map of your home or your work schedule. What treats should I bring to bribe all your furry security guards?

Awkward, right?