Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My Own Private Summer of Socks

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There's this big KAL about to start (or honestly, it probably started already) called the Summer of Socks. Where people (I think) just knit socks for the summer. Very cool idea, but it wouldn't work for me since I knit socks all the time and I'd get a little bored only knitting socks in the summer.

But I have two socks to show you, anyway.

First is the first completed sock from the Woolgirl Sock Club Frogger (Froggin'? Frogged?) yarn by Dashing Dachs. This is in sport weight, which I love because it knits up lickety split. I didn't get quite the gauge to get the nice stripey pattern, and so I got a nice pooly pattern, which is fine with me.

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I know that colorway isn't to everyone's taste, and as I mentioned previously I didn't think it was mine, but the socks are just a big ball of happy fun. So on I go.

Second up is the slower-moving but so pretty Rivendell Socks from the incredible book by Janet Laidman called The Eclectic Sole. I love these socks, and I love the yarn (Twinkle Toes by Chameleon Colorworks) and I love the book. The yarn colorway is Glacier Moraine (Glacial Moraine?) and isn't quite as contrasty as the photo looks.

And I think I couldn't do lace! Ha!


Rachel said...

I really wanted to make Rivendell socks (the start of yours look great by the way)...I just hadn't decided on whether to buy just that pattern, or invest in the book. I've been leaning toward the book, and it sounds like maybe you'd agree?

You couldn't do lace?? Did you not complete a fabulous mystery shawl last summer? Whatever. :)

Hey--I haven't gone quite as crazy as that sock, but I'm definitely expanding my comfort zone with Bellatrix!

Anonymous said...

We did our own Summer of Socks on our group on Ravelry. I didn't even hear of the other one until signups were closed.

Carol said...

Beeeutiful! Both! I don't believe there's a knit you can't do.