Monday, July 21, 2008

What's the Madder?

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As I blathered on about yesterday, I dyed some yarn with Madder. Madder is a plant (duh) and the dye is in the roots of the plant. I bought some dried roots from Hillcreek Fiber Studio, and then threw them in a pot and boiled them a bit, then added the fiber to the pot and let the whole shebang (fiber, dye and roots) soak overnight. That treatment resulted in the coppery yarn on the right.

I took out the yarn, and added in washing soda, which brings out the pinks in dyestuff. I then returned the left hand yarn (fingering weight) into the dyepot and let it soak another eight hours. I probably could have deepened the color with a longer soak but I get antsy.

I'm pretty pleased with this, and am going to try the 'two step' dying with a couple other colors that I have. Stay tuned!


Beverly said...

Beautiful colors.

Anonymous said...

Those colors are beautiful, Kim. Wow! You have really been dyeing a lot of stuff. Fabilvar..