Thursday, July 24, 2008

You would even say they glow

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I knit these socks up pretty quickly...the basic sock recipe, toe up, knit with Panda Cotton from Crystal Palace. Love the is a little springy, which makes it fun to knit with and even fun to wear, and very light weight which makes it a nice change for summer knitting. Some have accused this yarn of being a bit splitty but I didn't have that problem at all. I really enjoyed knitting these socks, and I'm off to figure out what else I can make from the Panda Cotton in my stash!


Anonymous said...

Very nice - and glad to hear you like knitting with the yarn - I have some in the stash!

Laura said...

love the socks!!

i'm drlaura cpysockguru, and would love to post your sock pic [and pics of anything else done in our yarns] on our blog CPYsocksandmore

and my email is

ps - the new yarns with multi-strands are what i'd call "advanced yarns" - in that you have to pay attention when knitting with them until you get used to the fiber! so obviously you
are a careful and attentive knitter.
i used to get splits when first using pc, and now don't notice at all no matter what yarn!

blessings, :L