Friday, August 08, 2008

Half a front

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I was commenting to my new virtual knitting buddy, Amy, today on Ravelry that if you only knit on one project, you can get something finished fairly quickly.

Case in point...Ahlstrom...the top I began a week or two ago. I have the back and one sleeve finished, a good start on the second sleeve, and I finished the first half of the front yesterday. It looks pretty good! It is a good knit...enough to keep you sort of interested but not so intense that it takes a while to get a row done (compare to Portland, for example).

It does feel weird, though, not to have a lot of wips going on...other than this I have a pair of socks and a pair of mittens that I've sort of put on hold. I've started thinking about Christmas knitting...a few gifts for friends, but probably nothing major. And small projects, which I like.

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Carol said...

I agree. Knitting one item till completion does seem to make for fast knitting.