Thursday, August 28, 2008

The hardest thing about getting ready

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OK, two hard things, about getting ready for vacation.

1. What yarn to take? Heavens forbid I get caught on the Oregon Coast twenty miles from a yarn shop with no yarn! Like that would happen! I am working on the Fylingdales/Flyingdales gansey from A Fine Fleece (picture tomorrow), I have half of a Faceted Rib sock done, and have cast on for a 'mindless' sock for Tim. Now I'm trying to decide which *other* yarn to bring with in case of an emergency.

From Left to Right:
-Wollmeise in Rake=Regenborn...which is in use for the mindless sock.
-Wollmeise in Red Hot Chili Pepper
-Wollmeise (sense a them?) in Mitternacht
-Beach ball yarn from the Woolgirl sock club...not sure who made it but I'll check and edit this later.

Along with six skeins of Classic Elite Tweed, I'll probably end up taking all of these guys too. You know how yarn just makes a place more homey.

2. What books to take? I have the second in the Twilight series, James' A Portrait of a Lady, and some other stuff. Once again, I always end u pwith more than I can possibly read, but that's OK!

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Carol said...

One can never be too prepared. Happy packing!