Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's Like Red, But Not Quite

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Two pink wips to blather on about, and some various knitting reflections.

1. I realized the other day that I need to do a lot of baby knitting. A lot. It seems like many people I know are about to become parents. I have a lot of yarn in the stash that I've been trying to destah but I figured maybe instead of destashing i'd knit it into baby things.

2. This is a little dress in two colors of pink and white. I finished the back and am casting on right now for the front. I had a schematic of what a baby dress should look like, so I've been vamping on that using some cotton ease from the stash. It is coming out pretty cute, if i do say so myself.

3. Rantlet #1: it is way too hot to knit. I used to wonder why people would ever say this, but after three very hot and pretty humid days I can now see why. Even with the AC on, knitting has not been enjoyable.

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4. Pink thing number two is the just-started Mohair Portrait Scarf from Knitting Classic Style. This is the first pattern i've knit from this book but I'm sure it won't be the last. It is a lace (ugh) pattern knit in the round, so the final product can be either a scarf or a wimple. Pretty coo. The lace pattern itself is intriguing...there's 16 rows of lace over 160 or so stitches, then the number of stitches decreases by half for 16 rows, then goes up again. You can kind of see that I have what looks like a lace sandwhich with two 'big' sections around a 'skinny' section.

I've given the pattern my own twist by adding beads. Yay beads!

5. Rantlet #2. Feeding Frenzies. I hate to admit this, but I wasted almost an entire day stalking the sundara yarn site when it was to be updated. Finally...the notice that the yarns were going up....and then they were all there! Quck quick, into the shopping cart,...then to paypal...only to have paypal unceremoniously tell me my cart had magically dissolved.

Enough of this madness (for me). It is yarn. Yarn. Not a cure for cancer. Someone else can have the yarn I've been stalking: the sundara, the wollmeise, the whatever. Life is too short.


Ling said...

Both pink things are lovely! Can't wait to see them finished.

I have to agree with the yarn madness, I find it all too stressful, so I don't stalk them. Anymore. I certainly think paying over the odds for them on ebay etc seems just crazy!

Anonymous said...

Pink and white both are best colors for baby clothing!!

Anonymous said...

Kim, I'd be happy to send some Wollmeise your way - just give me some color preferences via a PM on Knitter's Review.

Whenever I want to participate in the yarn frenzies, I look at my huge stash and think about how much I've knitted vs how much I've bought -- sobering stuff...