Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Little Baby Dress

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I finished this little baby dress....it is a Christmas gift for a little baby that is already in existence, so if you picked baby in the pool you're s.o.l.

It is knit out of cotton ease (two old colors, and one new color) and then has a crocheted edging. The buttons are cute...the first ones I bought were little pink flowers that were too small. These are larger ones that look like tiny little glass paperweights, and are pink and green inside.

There's ribbing in the upper part of the bodice, and a bit of ribbing along the bottom, I guess to make sure it doesn't curl. Anyway, it is cute.

I've been in a finishing orgy...finished this, finished a couple of other sweaters (weaving in, buttons) and then wove in a bunch of ends on a bunch of socks. And I finished the pink portrait scarf and learned a sad truth: people with oval faces should not wear wimples.

Maybe that should be the name of my fashion book.


Anonymous said...

That is such a cute dress!

Beverly said...

Someone has a very lucky baby. The dress is darling.

Carol said...

So cute! Don't you just love the Cotton Ease colors? I hope they keep making more..and more..and more. Not greedy, am I?