Sunday, August 10, 2008

My first!

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Voila! My first hand-dyed roving spun into hand spun yarn. This is some of the roving (now yarn) that I dyed with natural dyes a few weeks ago. The colors are reds and purples.

This was, unfortunately, not an easy spin. The roving was a wee built felted...I applied the dye cold, wrapped it in saran wrap, and gave it a steam bath, so there was little manipulation of the fiber but I do tend to poke things a lot. I'm not sure how others dye things and have them stay so soft. I have know idea what type of wool this is, so that might have something to do with it. Anyway...I had to predraft the roving significantly....pooch it out in all directions, in order to get it to spin. And once I spun it, I couldn't get it to wind on when I was navajo plying...not sure exactly what went wrong but after half an hour or so it just started winding on (I had already lost several yards of the yarn though).

In nature news...I was doing some rare trimming of our bushes outside and got stung on the top of my left hand several times. This happened on Friday, and I thought I would just have a few bumps. Yesterday, about 24 hours after the stinging occured, I noticed my hand had swollen up...not huge but it looks like the incredible hulk's hand to me. And it was itching like crazy. I've been taking antihistamines and using hyrdocortozone on it, and the swelling has gone downa bit. But it is still freaking me out to have two totally different looking hands.

And finally. I can't decide what to cast on. I have six things, SIX, that I want to cast on for:
-mohair top and shrug
-pink beaded cool scarf
-christmas gift #1
-christmas gift #2 (which awaits the arrival of one skein of yarn).

I think I'm going to do the beret just to get past that frozen moment on indecision.

How are YOU?


Carol said...

Wow, she dyes and spins too. Your yarn is fabulous! I miss reading so much, I just have to get out of the little rut I'm in and just go. You did such a great job!

cshogan said...

Great job on the dying and spinning. A beautiful colorway!

Marcy said...

What's a Flyingdale? I'm guessing socks?