Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Portland Comes Together

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I finished the pieces on Portland, and started the seaming up process today.

Long time readers of my blog know that seaming is one of my least favorite activities. In fact, I really hate it. In fact, I've thought more than once about sending sweaters out to a professional seamer. But being a knitter means finishing it all up, so I persevere.

This sweater is PERFECT for a seaming-hater like me. First, it has a saddle shoulder, so putting the seams in for the shoulders involves straight lines only. I LOVE that ! Second, the seams are done on seed stitch, so seams really don't show at all. I love that too! So far, so good.

There's a seed stitch collar that gets added at the end and then comes the blocking fun. But this is going really well!

Edited to add: Just fyi, and in response to comments, I generally block twice. First I 'steam' block to the dimensions, then I seam, then I do the neckband, then I soak the whole finished shebang and shape it one more time.


Anonymous said...

Just curious. Why don't you block the sweater pieces before you seam them together? I think they're easier to block then and it makes it easier to seam. Mind you, I'm no expert. It just seems like that would be true.


Carol said...

Wowza! That's gorgeous!