Saturday, August 02, 2008

Second Spring

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We've been having a wonderful summer this year...not very hot, cool nights, warm days, just lovely. We've also been trying to remember to water, since it is a typical Oregon dry, dry summer (although we have had a bit of rain, but nothing that is enough to keep things going).

Either we've done good with the watering, or the garden isn't used to the nice summer, because one of the columbines is flowering again...those are the pink flowers you see in the photo. The pink blossoms are interspersed with the dried up heads that we generally just let go to seed on their own. We've got a couple other plants that are showing a bit of spring color. Odd. But beautifully odd!

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And I have about seven inches to go and I'm done with Portland! I took Leah's advice (I think it was Leah!) and tok this outside to photograph i the natural light. This looks pretty colose to 'real life' in terms of the color, and you can see the nice cables that the sweater has. I love this sweater, but I'm looking forward to it being done :-).

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Anonymous said...

Too funny your spring flowers are blooming again! The sweater is gorgeous - love the color.