Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What is this with me and the bright socks?

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This is the second sock in a row that has been brighter-than-bright. Not sure why....is it summer and the beautiful light? Because my regular color pallette is black, blue and grey. I do like a fun sock though.

Anyway, this is the faceted rib sock from Little Book of Knit Socks. It is a fairly simple pattern that is just complex enough to be interesting, but I can knit it while I read also.

It is so nice to do a lot of reading this summer. Last summer I taught and then Cody was sick, so I felt torn in a couple different directions. Now I tend to do some work in the morning and then take some time for reading in the afternoon. That's a nice perk to the academic life.

We've watched some Olympics but not a lot...we've never been big Olympics fans. We did get a little fascinated by the Tandem Diving though (when did THAT become a sport?). And I didn't join any of the Knitting Olympic groups...that just isn't my thing.

Are you watching the Olympics? And knitting? How is that going?

ps. Incredible Hulk-like hand is slowly getting back to normal. I realized that it looks more like Fiona's hand from Shrek (Fiona as an ogre, not as Cameron Diaz) and I've been sort of obsessing over how odd it looks.

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