Saturday, September 13, 2008

Faceted Ribs

Originally uploaded by kbshee
I finally finished these socks..the faceted rib socks..on vacation. The yarn is Vesper Sock Yarn and the pattern is from the Little Box of Socks. It is a great pattern for a striped yarn, because it gives just enough variation to make it interesting.

The colors are bright and fun, I'm not that crazy about the base yarn for these socks but the colors do make up for it.

I also had to search to find my spindle today, because i'm going to help out at the Open Farm day at Silk Creek in two weeks...I offered to bring spindle and wheel and spin some stuff for a few hours during the Open Farm. The drop spindle made no sense to me but now it does....after spinning on a wheel for a while...and I still find it hard to believe that anyone has the patience to spin an entire sweater on a drop spindle.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty socks!

Beverly said...

I like the sock pattern. It almost looks woven.