Monday, September 08, 2008


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Remember that poll a week or so back...what would be adding to our family?

Well, here she is. Sorry to disappoint you all who thought it might be a baby. And I guess the poll was a bit misleading since she isn't actually LIVING with us...but whatever.

This is Brownie. We didn't give her that name but it seems somewhat fitting (although I think I keep calling her Coco in my head). She's two months old (tomorrow) and is a beautiful alpaca cria! She looks brown but that's just her outside baby looks like she will be either a very dark brown or a bay black alpaca when she grows up.

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Brownie and her mom, Milkyway, now live at Silk Creek Alpacas in Cottage Grove, about a 20 minute drive from our house. Silk Creek is owned by Bil and Julia Morrill...I work with Bil and met his wife Julia yesterday, and they're both great. They currently have five alpaca on premises with another five on the way (including Brownie's half sister!). Brownie will board with them indefinitely, and she'll get lots of visits from me. We're so excited about having a new baby in the family.

Vacation was good....a bit too windy for kayaking but we managed to find stuff to do. Cody was a crazy fetch-in-the-water dog which is all we could hope for!


Anonymous said...

How exciting for you! Brownie is so cute. Does she hum for you?

So you get to keep her fleece when she is shorn, right? Mmmm. Won't that be fun!

Alyssa said...

How exciting! She's simply adorable.

Anonymous said...

How exciting - congrats on your new family member!