Monday, September 29, 2008

I rate a bunch of magazines

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For some reason, I've acquired several new issues of some knitting magazines in the past two weeks. I thought I'd give a little review of each of them in case you're considering buying a few.

Creative Knitting November 2008:
Why I bought it: It was at my grocery store and I like to send the message that they should stock more knitting magazines.
Quick recap: a bunch of simple sweaters, some Christmas projects, and some ideas for Christmas gifts.
Will I knit anything out of it? there's a pattern called "My Favorite Cardigan" which is a worsted weight sweater with sme cables on it. It is cute but I"m not chomping at the big to knit it.
My .02: nothing in here you haven't seen before.

Verena Fall 2008
Why I bought it: I loved the fist issue so I subscribed.
Quick recap: Lots of things in brown yarn, some fair isle and cables, and some kids stuff.
Will I knit anything out of it? Yes. I love the Brit Knits section. If I could get away with wearing a knit plaid kilt, I'd knit that in a heartbeat.
My .02: I didn't like this issue as much as the first, but it is gorwing on me.

Debbie Bliss Fall/Winter
Why I bought it: I'm not a huge DB fan, but the mag is from VK and her patterns are generally really nice.
Quick Recap:gorgeous pattern after gorgeous pattern. I don't knit 'for the home' but some lovely things there too.
Will I knit Anything out of it? Yes. I ordered some DB Rialto on sale from Webs to knit #20, a cable vent jacket with a peplum. Gorgeous.
My .02: if you like classics, take a peek.

Interweave Felt: Special Issue
Why I bought it: I think I was kinda bored.
Quick Recap: felted toys, scarves, bags, garments and rugs. Some nicely done articles about some felting artists.
Will I knit anything out of it: Yes. There's something for someone for Christmas in one of the pages!
My .02: if you are interested in felting, why not? Nothing outstanding or would make me say 'let's FELT NOW' but still a few interesting techniques.

Knitsimple Fall 208
Why I bought it: See Interweave Felt
Quick recap: like it says...simple shapes i sweaters, blankets, socks, hats and mittens. I do like how they use embellishment to perk up simple things. Good articles and great book reviews.
Will I knit anything from it: Yes. Some cute hats and mittens.
My .02: if you're a beginner, this is a very accessible magazine.

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