Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lovely Day at Silk Creek Alpaca Farm!

I had a great time on Saturday at the Open Farm at Silk Creek Alpacas, where Brownie lives. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera...but my colleague and next-office-door neighbor Kelli came with some family and friends and took some pictures. It was very cool to see the entire alpaca process: all the alpacas, of course, and then Bil and Julia had bags of shorn fleece out, I had rovings and batts, and then I spun some into yarn. I also tried to teach spinning on a drop spindle, which was a disaster. People seemed pretty enchanted by watching the wheel, though.
It was a beautiful day...foggy to begin with, but warm and sunny, and the alpacas seemed happy to have some company. So many people came: people from the J school, friends of mine (Evan was very brave, he fed the alpacas!) and neighbors that Bil and Julia haven't met. I rarely find such a great sense of family as I did yesterday.
Speaking of family: our little Cody dog had surgery on Friday...he had a catheter inserted to make delivery of his next round of chemo a bit more effective. The surgery was very, very rough on him, and he's still feeling pretty out of it. So hold a good thought that our little guy gets back on his feet (literally) soon.

And one more thing...Brownie the Alpaca has a blog! Bil helps, I think. Check it out here .

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