Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Wollmeise!

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I love me the wollmeise yarn! One of the highlights of the summer was getting into the Wollmeise yarn club...and I also promised myself that I would start KNITTING with the yarn as opposed to just admiring it from afar. Each skein is a work of art.

These are socks for Tim, in the colorway Raku-Regenborn or something like that. The yarn was the first skein of Wollmeise that I got my hands on. The yarn comes in a HUGE skein...almost 600 yards...which means that there is plenty left after a pair of socks for, say, saving up to do a Wollmeise Charlotte's web.

It's National Alpaca Farm Day this Saturday at Silk Creek Alpacas and I'll be there mid-day (10-2) to spin alpaca and to show anyone interested how to spin on a drop spindle.


Anonymous said...

We'll see you... and Brownie, too!

Anonymous said...

Very nice socks!