Friday, September 19, 2008

Things I've learned this week

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1. When you knit a tank top, and you are knitting it for someone (me) who needs it to be 40" around, and the length from top to bottom is 20", the whole tank top will look like a square. And subsequently, when you put it on, it will look like you have a square on your top half.

2. Wearing a square on your top half is not pretty.

As a result, I will be knitting the KSH sweater from the new Mason Dixon knitting book, sometime in the future.

3. Cody's cancer has returned, and we'll be trying another round of chemo with him. He feels and looks great.

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4. I'm much into purple these days, as you might have noticed. The tank is a deep purple.

5. It looks like the blogosphere wants me to knit Hanami, so I will! I found this merino lace yarn guessed it..a purple color in the stash so I'll use that. I also have beads for the cast on. I think it is a good choice, so thank you for your help.

6. I think that's all!


Ling said...

Snap!! I'm going through a real purple phase at the moment too! There's something in the air.

I'm sorry to hear about Cody. Hope the treatment goes well. Hugs to you and Cody.

Kimberly said...

Nothing wrong with a little purple!

I'm sorry the cancer is back. Hoping the chemo works on the cancer quickly and with few side effects.