Saturday, October 04, 2008

Crazy Week=Over

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The first week of school tends to be a little crazy, but this week has been crazier than ever. Tim is now teaching at LCC, so we had to work out both of our morning routines and transportation to various academic institutions. And then we had to work in all of Cody's medications, and a vet trip for a blood draw, then another vet trip to drop off a urine sample. And Tim took the GREs yesterday ( and did terrific on them!). And then this morning we met my BIL and nephew from San Jose for Breakfast at 8am.

I think I now understand the expression 'the thin edge of the wedge'.

But hopefully things will get back to whatever normal is in our lives. I've done minimal knitting, although I'm zooming forward on this mindless sock (I'm halfway done with Sock #2). Cody is feeling much better. Hopefully the Ducks will beat USC today (ha HA) but one can only dream. My classes seem good, with the big class being very energetic so I have high hopes for the fall term.

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