Sunday, October 19, 2008


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I know I always say that the past week was crazy, but this one really kind of was. I had two evening events two nights in a row...both on top of full days of teaching and meetings, and I end up feeling like one of those plate spinners the moment before things come crashing down. Good times! I'm also sort of struggling with some other things at school, mostly having to do with a lack of recognition of my work but other people constantly being recognized for things like Breathing and Showing Up On Time. Academia is a pretty silly place. There are lots of great things about it..but other things are just ridiculous. That's what I have to keep in mind.

One of my evening things was very interesting...I gave a brief talk about Web 2.0 right after Ward Cunningham, who is the inventor of the wiki. Not wikipedia, something called the Wiki Wiki Web. Anyway...pretty amazing. He was quite a character and it was fun to chat with him...we ended the evening with a discussion of "Cult of the Amateur" and all in all it was an interesting night.

Some knitting has been happening.Saxon Sox: done! This is truly one of my favorite sock patterns of all time. And I love the yarn, and the color. All in all, I have to say that these might be my favorite socks ever! Ever!

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And my mindless sock is this pair in Red Hot Chili Pepper, from the amazing Wollmeise. These are very bright and happy. And Wollmeise's skeins are 510 yards, at least twice as much as I need, so i can get two pairs out of one skein OR .... wait for it.... I could save up the leftovers for a Charlotte's Web shawl! That's the plan right now. Likely to change.

Very little has been done on the lace stole. I also started a sweater from the new Debbie Bliss magazine...the peplum cardigan...but I've done about two inches of that and so there's not much to see.

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cshogan said...

The Red Hot Chili Pepper socks are one fabulous. They should really keep your feet warm :)