Monday, October 06, 2008

Photo Frustration

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I love these Saxony socks...a beautiful cable down the front and moss stitch on the back of the leg...but I'm frustrated that you can't see how Purple they are!

I guess that's the problem with taking pictures inside. The flash gives you the color that's closest to the color but it washes out the cables. No flash gives you the cable but the sock looks blue rather than the wonderful purple it is!

I'll go outside and take some pics is finally sunny after a gloomy weekend (hello, winter!) and maybe that will work.

But I like these socks. From A Fine Fleece...and I keep the cable pattern going all the way down the foot (I didn't do moss stitch on the sole, though, just stockinette). It seemed to almost knit itself.

Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, in Amethyst. Possibly the best purple sock yarn in the Universe.


Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous sock - I love the cable! That book is on my wish list - maybe I need to get it soon...

Beverly said...

Great cable detail. I'll have to check this book out.

Rachel said...

Nice socks---beautiful cabling!

How's Cody doing lately? I've been following your updates, hoping that he can keep fighting this.