Thursday, October 16, 2008


Stella doesn't get a lot of air time on the blog, but I did a little video of her. You can sort of tell she isn't the sweetest cat on the block, but we love her!


Anonymous said...

Back to Fylingdales: Are you knitting a pullover? I have started the cardigan and am having a rough time understanding the directions. Can you email me:
shelleyplatt at frontiernet dot net?

Anonymous said...

Curious... she is so tiny now. How does she like living in a GladWare container filled with water? (Psst! You might want to check the video you embedded in that post!)

rosy said...

Yo Stella!
I brought Tully up here to look on the computer to see your video ~ he did look ~ but he didn't say anything ~ but in truth he is not a very bright cat
I think she looks rather cute! My neighbours have a cat looks a lot like her.
Best wishes
ps the purple socks rock!!

Carol said...

I loves the Stella action! Meow!