Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Stockinette Week

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I think I can categorize my life into stockinette days, cable days and lace days.

Lace days...days when I feel rested, feel calm, feel peaceful, with time for self reflection and contemplation. When I can knit lace without wanting to slit my wrists.

Cable days: hectic times with small periods of calm where I can concentrate on something for at least a little white.

Stockinette Days: days when I can barely stay awake, when I don't have even time to cook a decent meal, when a half hour of time not eaten up by some other demands is a luxury.

So it has been a stockinette week. And not in a very good way, although I feel that we're sort of back on some type of even keel right now. And the upcoming week for me looks like I might even have a lace day in there...there are empty spaces on the calendar to catch up and to even do some planning ahead.

At least the result of the stockinette week is a finished pair of socks in Red Hot Chili Pepper from Wollmeise. I love the striping and I love the pooling i the middle. And of course the socks feel wonderful. The ends need weaving in but I'm just as happy tucking in ends these days.

Cody is well...not 100% but seems pretty calm and not in pain. We're lookig forward to a few good weeks with him. Thanks for all the positive thoughts you sent his way...they made all the difference.


rosy said...

Big hugs for Cody.
Do you know the book, 'I'll always love you'? It was Frankie's favourite bed-time story for years . . . and we still say it as a 'night-night'.
Rosy (and Tully)

Anonymous said...

I hope you have lots of lace days! Glad Cody is doing well - and love the socks!