Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunshine + Purple = Gorgeous

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I took my purple socks outside to take their pictures in the I noted earlier, taking pictures in the house results in the purple turning blue, and that's just not right. So anyway...the first is a pair I just finished (except for, obviously, the weaving in) in the purple sock yarn that was part of the Wool Girl Sock Club. Toe up, basic sock, love them. Beautiful colors of violet and light purple.

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I took my Saxony socks outside too, and this gives you a better idea of how purpley they are. Rosy asked if they were ecclesiastical purple and yes, I think they are. This is really the purple I think of when I think of is Amethyst by CTH, and is the purple of our butterfly bush outside. A really grapey purple. I love it.

I feel a bit more like some sleep, went out to see our Brownie yesterday with our friends Steve and Patty, and then hung out a bit for the rest of the day and conked out at 9:30 last night. Brownie is doing good..growing a bit, she's probably two inches bigger than two weeks ago, and gaining apparently a pound a day!!! I took some movies that I'll try to post soon.

Please check the blog tomorrow for a request for help...I'm starting an academic research project and need some folks to review a test website and comment on it. Yarn prizes await!

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